Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Venice Italy

There is no disputing the fact that Venice is indeed the Queen of the Adriatic. Its beauty and grandeur is incomparable, unparalleled by any other city in Italy or anywhere else in the world. The loveliness of this jewel by the sea is very much celebrated in literature, in art, in theater and in film.

Perhaps what fascinates any visitor to Venice is that in Venice, time seems to stand still. The beauty of Venice is ethereal and enduring, seemingly impervious to the relentless passing of time. Hundreds of years have passed since the city was founded, and yet there it remains.

Adding to the dreamy beauty and charm of Venice are its canals, the main thoroughfares of the city. There are 150 canals traversing the city, spanned by some 400 bridges and lined with narrow side streets. Foremost among these canals is the Grand Canal, the main watery highway of Venice.\

The gondolas traveling these canals are one of the romantic symbols associated with Venice. Lovers on a holiday in Venice always take the chance to sail leisurely in a gondola oared by a gondolier. Some gondoliers can croon a Venetian love song to couples who ask them to. A local legend even has it that if lovers sail in a gondola along the Rio di Palazzo at sunset and share a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, the bridge that connects the Doge Palace to the prisons beside it, the lovers shall share a love that lasts a lifetime.

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