Tuesday, October 20, 2009

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco in California is a beautiful city that is famous all over the world for the rolling fog that suddenly sweeps the bay even during summer; the numerous, steep hills that give the city character and make driving tricky in certain areas; the Golden Gate Bridge; the cable cars; and its diverse population with their cosmopolitan lifestyle and colorful cultural backgrounds.

San Francisco has a life and air that cannot be found anywhere else. Just like what the song written about it says, it is easy to leave your heart in San Francisco, and you will always long to come and take it back.

If you were to visit San Francisco on a long weekend, what landmarks should you see? Here are five famous landmarks that you should see on your trip to San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Any visit to San Francisco must include the Golden Gate Bridge. This suspension bridge that connects the city to the county of Marin across the Golden Gate is the icon that is most associated with San Francisco. People who do not have a fear of heights will find walking across the bridge to be a very interesting experience. The sights upon the bridge are breathtaking, especially when the fog comes rolling in.

SOURCE: http://www.travelooce.com

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